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On Landroval, our family has been trying to see who would be willing to join a level 45 group who are currently role-playing through the end of Volume 1’s Epic series.  They will be heading to Moria after Volume 1, and we decided this would be a good opportunity to get out and have fun. As with most every group I have tried to join, the people who might qualify require a bit of catch up. This was no exception.

Zorond, a lore master, was at the top of the list since he was already 45, but he the only ranged individual at the moment I have an interest in levelling beyond Moria to Rohan.  I really want to see him on a war-steed and get a war-hound to follow. 

ZzFirebird, a warden, is currently level 40, but really hasn’t had much experience being in a group, and has taken up residence near one of the Bree-Town vaults. ZzBert is also a resident of Bree’s vault system, but he is extremely laid back and currently has no ambition. ZzKestril is 41, but just got a new colour change to Purple, and has decided she just wants to flaunt that between the Shire and Bree.

Since I had gone through the end of my list of possibilities, I decided to back up a page or two to find who else may be eligible. Western, a guard at level 39, is currently also residing in Bree and loves the cooking/farming arrangements. Szam probably has the same experience fighting as a level 45, but she is currently level 53 and has already entered Moria and done all the quests up to where they start getting red.

This brought me to… Swesthryth. On her 40th level, she loved the number so much, she bought an experience disabler when her scholarly crafting threatened to make her 41. She’s always been… prissy. Preferring pure white, she has even won a fashion contest, though it was so far back we can’t remember what she won.  Most others of my family don’t mind the occasional down and dirty, but Swesthryth cannot take but so much.  When she last went out and quested, she got through North Cotton Farms in Evendim, went to Dwailing, and ended up saying “well, that’s enough for now….” And retired to Rivendel. A trip to the mailbox was tiresome to her, and the Auction area in Rivendel, though beautiful, was avoided unless necessary.

When we moved, Swesthryth helped with the vaulting arrangements in Bree.  This was the first time she had been back to Bree except for the occasional festival if they had white attire or horses. She made up a special outfit just for walking around Bree – A full armoured outfit from Rohan with a full mask rangers headpiece dyed walnut brown.  Though in it’s own way stylish, she is completely incognito in this outfit and finally tolerated walking around Bree.  As soon as she could, she took the fastest horse to Rivendel and hasn’t been back since… till now.

I don’t know what happened exactly, but she was playing with her experience disabling stone, and before she could totally decide whether to level up to the 45 group, she was 41 and an odd number will not do. So she decided it was time to explore outside of Rivendel. First she decided to help various factions she had promised to help before she went to Rivendel.  She helped out a few Rangers in Estildin before heading back to the Shire to help with mail runs and spoiled pies.  Finally, The Wardens of Evendim were happy to see her again and put her straight to work.  

It was in Evendim that she realized she had no in-between fighting outfit. She had the brown one for down and dirty or going around Bree, but she wanted something elvish and white for fighting in.  Every one pitched in and checked their vaults for outfits, but didn’t find anything.  She had read of the elves in Lothlorian and Mirkwood, and so she sent Swest out to find if they had a decent white outfit.  Swest then had to convince her that the elves in Mirkwood did not wear white, but would wear muted colors. Though disappointed, Swesthryth decided to settle on a gray/sliver outfit that was mostly elvish in design. With this new outfit, she managed to take on Evindim and finish rather quickly before moving on to attempting to catch up her Volume 1 epics.

As she passed level 42, everyone pitched in to make her some new armor, food and jewlery.  Her 2 handed sword is a blue level 40, so that was not replaced.  As the new armor and jewelry came in, we tried to figure out if we had missed anything.  Inspecting her bow closer revieled that it was a level 35 – since she’s a champion, they rarely need a strong bow, so we were debating whether to replace it or not. 

That’s when we saw the name of the crafter of the bow. Crispin.

Crispin was a young gentlemen in my old kinship on Dwarrowdelf. A hunter, he was good enough that all welcomed him in any run, despite the “hunter hate” that was going on at the time.  At that time, hunters were considered “Taxi’s” and pretty much useless to a group, yet Crispin went and did everything that was going on.  Crispin was one of the first recruits after me to the kinship, and would motivate people to raid and do different things. 

Before Swesthryth retired completely to Rivendel, Crispin and his friends had been trying to beat the turtle in Evendim. As a helpful sort, Swesthryth had been dragged along on these early “Turtle runs” and had been defeated quite often as we had not figured out how to beat it.  At the time, we thought we could sneak around the turtle and not wake it up since the blue lady kept badgering us for waking it up. I remember after one particularly gruelling day, Crispin had noted that Swesthryth was now 35 and did not have a decent bow.  I told him I would try to get her one, to which he didn’t say anything. Soon there was a brand new bow in Swesthryth’s mailbox.

Shortly after this, they moved on to Angmar and Skestril was leveled and started being dragged along instead of Swesthryth, to which the old scholar was glad. Skestril went to Carn Dum 8-10 levels below the instance because she was in such demand.  Now, Swesthryth is out moving again and exploring. I’m not sure how long this will last, but she does seem to like Forochel… I think it’s all the white.

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