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Has it been so l0ng?


Has it really been so long? Has time passed so much, that the leaves have started to turn and fall?

Ok, before I get too poetic and sentimental, the Tribes have been either sleeping or busy. The ones who reside on Arkenstone, Gladden, and Crickhollow have been attempting to max out their guilds to Journeyman status, so that when/if the blessings of VIP hit, they will gain their respective guilds. Swest on each of those lands has been working tirelessly to gain enough hides/ore from the Trollshaws and North Downs to feed the folk's crafting there. So far, Crickhollow and the various Cooks have been the only ones to go to max rep with the Guilds. All were members of the guild back when VIP blessings were bestowed for a month the last time, but apparently you have to have maxed Apprentice level rep to unlock the full shebang.

In the land of Landroval, Sweeper has been working on Virtues, armour, jewellery, and other things to get even stronger for the Raiders who are now joining the "Easily Lost" group for their level 65 adventures. Mainly Sweeper heals, but thanks to some great Mini's joining, he has been able to sucessfully dps with a group. He's currently wondering if Lighting or Fire is good, but unfortunately, he cannot switch until his current non-group deeds are done.

In almost a whole month of almost no drops, Sworin and Z.Z. Arthur has been lucky enough to get all but the legs and gloves of the Featured Instance set of armour. They have a few jewellery pieces between them, but may have to use thier coins for that soon. Not bad for not being able to run every day.

Swest, Skestril, and Zordan have hit Minis Tirith recently, all for different reasons. Swest simply wants the ports to the areas, so she can easily transport others to the front lines. Skestril is actually trying to get to 105, so she can start getting the Light Armor from the Featured Instances. All three have been running FI's when the need arises, mostly the smaller instances.

Zordan has come to MT with her sights firmly set on a fire tower. Well actually a Beacon Of Gondor, or even the Small Beacon of Gondor with the Fountain. However, to obtain any of them, she must reach kindred status with the area. She's been a little busy beaver ever since her kinship, "The Zestypepper Tribe" has reached the level to get a kin house. Being fond of Goatbottle from her old server, she was lucky enough to get the last sprawling kinship house in that neighbourhood. She found Rust coloured wall paint, and has made the whole place reddish-brown. She has been porting all over the world to bring in furniture, even gathered a few more coins from her friends in Hybolt to get some beds and wood tone furniture in the house. She has enjoyed how the interior has progressed; however, the yard only has some trees and red banner from the Sutcrofts.

Past that, everyone else has been sleepily checking vaults for new stuff to craft. The disappearance of a few friends greatly concerned the tribes, but most have trickled back lately, except for one - the one who originally welcomed them to Landroval and showed them around. We hope she has not sailed for the west, and that she can return as soon as she can. :)

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