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The past week has been rife with laziness in the realm of Swest. Everyone supposed to be doing something, yet sleeping the day away. Szam is so close to 50, she can almost get rid of all the LI relics in her vault. Yet, she decided she would take a break from skirming and instead stayed in the vault house in the 21st hall. It was so hot in the Thorin's Hall forge area that Zergular had to take a break and visit the mailbox on the upper level for a bit. Someone said to leave sleeping elves lie, so Zorond rested comfortably in Evendim and didn't even bother to check what day it was. Western was glad for the break from cooking, and instead strolled around Bree town by moonlight. Zymdel stayed by the vault, and cleaned out the extra scholarly items that Swesthryth didn't want. ZzRuby was supposed to make a trip to Thorin's to unload some extra recipies, but ended up snoozing near the shire vault. Swest herself woke up just long enough to get some fibers out of the shared storage so others could put more in.

ZzWest was definitely the most ambitious this week. He managed to finish up helping O'le Tom in the Old Forest and headed up to Estildin to work on his tailoring. Given the task to make a shirt of armor, he did not realize the person in question was on the large side, so he ended up making it too small. However, the man seemed to appreciate the gift and said it would show him at his best. Once the crafting was completed, West went back to Trestlebridge.  A sorry sight, but he was able to help the people get back on their feet from the recent orc attack. He then continued up to Mincham's Camp and decided to rest there.

Otherwise, a very sleepy week in the world of LOTRO. :)

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