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ZzWest's new Heralds and ranger adventures


ZzWest (otherwise known as Man of the "West" or Dúnedain) decided to backtrack this past week through the Shire, Ered Luin, and Buckland in Bree-land. 

He's been helping the rangers in particular, so he was pleased to see Halros in the Shire. Halros looked well, so after fighting off a band of goblins, West decided to head to Ered Luin. There, he met up with Langlas and retrieved the young Ranger Celairant's bow from the evil Dourhand Starkath. Celairant had to be reminded of why the bow was gifted to him, but he finally realized that he is a Ranger and resolved to live up to his heritage. West was very glad to help the young ranger, before recieving the summons from Saradon to meet back in Bree. 

West then hit Bree-Town where at level 20 training he was able to pick more recruits to train. Jack, his old banner carrier, had decided that he would join the Bree Watchers, and so West decided to see if anyone else was willing to benefit from his training. Stopping by the Bree Jail, he was able to find a large number of people willing to learn the art of warfare from the old Dúnedain.

First he found a bunch of people willing to train in the ways of war, but had to narrow them down to William-o, and Willa who both have mail armor they can slip on making them William-o-Mail, and Willa-o-Mail. The o-Mails have decided to dedicate their lives to studying the techniques of war under West.

Second, he decided a to see if anyone would be interested in learning the techniques of Victorious battle. Victoria, a young red headed shield-maiden, quickly volunteered, and stayed by his side until the choice had been made.

Next, he decided to find a good herald of hope, and found a slightly older dwarf by the name of Hopper. Though untested as of yet, Hopper has proven keen to come when called.

Finally, the time had come to choose an archer. Since West was not keen on having someone follow him around with a huge banner announcing his arrival, he found a footsoldier named Ardvar who was willing to come. Proving to be a great help in the Old Forest, Ardvar has already proven himself a quick study of the arts of Archery.

After finding his new heralds in good health, he headed out to Bree-land on his Steed of New Bloom, which he has taken a liking to and named Halanos. Stopping to help Lenglinn, he quickly headed back to town to report to his Chiefton Aragorn, currently going by the name Strider, in Bree. Aragorn sent him to Tom Bombadil, where he spent the night before heading out on his next adventure... in the Barrow Downs.

One name - many places - many other names.
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