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Sworin's new horse and port


For the longest time, Sworin has been wanting a port to Aldburg, only because he's fallen in love with the crafting house there. (I think he doesn't like to walk much).

Anyway, since Shattered Hatchets have been more plentiful than the task items for the Eorlingas, he's finally become kin with the Helms Deep area and gotten their port. He really didn't mind the switch since he now can port within quick stable to Aldburg.

While he was getting his rep, he decided to get the horse as well. Normally Sworin doesn't go for "Rep" horses. His main horse was given to him from Estildin, when Zordan killed a ton of orcs in a particular part of Angmar to get rep with the rangers. Forever in her debt, he rarely looks at another horse. However, he had heard that these particular horses had good armor on them.

He was a bit displeased though when he mounted up and first found the saddle too small for his... rear... and the horse seemed to be particularly annoyed to be summoned. Perhaps it is the heavy armor that annoys the horse, but after riding it around Aldburg for a while, the acute look of annoyance did not go away. However, the armor is stunning and has intricate detailing. Sworin noted that it even covers the front of the horse's ears, possibly in case of riding fast so the horse doesn't get bugs in his ears?

Either way, it is a fine horse, for someone without a dwarvish rear... and who doesn't mind if the horse is annoyed. :)

Picture of Sworin on the Helms Deep horse

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