Adventures! :)

End of Summer Festival sighs


This has been a very odd week for adventuring. Depressing, yet very productive.

First, Swest was helping escort some chickens to Rivendell... only to loose one to a lynx. Reminded her of when she was in her 20's and her kin had decided to have a meeting in Rivendell... only she had never been there. So she ran the entire way, and just as she got within sight of the path leading down to Rivendell, a stealthed lynx attacked and killed her instantly. Some of the cousins have also have trouble with that stretch, both as chickens, and as scholars trying to get guild access. Eight chickens made it, but the one who didn't will always be in Swest's memory.

Also that day, Sworin helped some people get through the run "Silent Street" and after several revives from the good Minis who were in attendance, he solemnly watched the end scene around the corner from where they had been fighting. Some of the others in attendance had never seen the ending, and the entire group became depressed and ended up walking back to the entrance. All the way back. Also found out there is no portal at the beginning, so we ended up having to click to leave the entrance.

Sweeper was also involved in a run for the "Lost Temple" to finish that section of the "In his absence" quest chain. Skestril has also gotten that part done, but nobody has progressed into the icy caverns. That's next. Going to be interesting to see how all this fits together. Doubt many more do the whole line, especially since the ending is a whole 12 man raid that I am not fond of. Outrunning elephants may be fun for some people, but not me.

That was just Sunday. ((Real life wasn't much better this week but that's another story)).

We did have some ups... First, the creation of this site. Welcome if you are reading this! :) I have been wondering for a while if I needed/wanted something like this, especially since I love to write, so this seems to be a great way of doing this.

Zwest also gained two levels by gaining rep with the Gray Company in Endewaith. She's going to be hitting the southern half next week hopefully ((If real life doesn't get too crazy)).

Sworin is also looking up essences and getting an idea of what he wants for his fancy armor. He's getting a better idea, and with last week's Stoneheight being the main run, he managed to get a couple of pieces of the fancy stuff. This week was Bells, so he's been able to go on a couple, but nothing significant dropped. Hopefully next week will be back to a 3 man instance. :) ZzArthur will help out as much as he can, so between the two of them, we should be able to get one decent set. Also, the runs have quit giving bonuses for Tier 2 - which is AWESOME! A good run, is one where nobody dies. Or where nobody dies too much. :)

So, even though this week had a very depressing start, we did accomplish a lot. With the summer festival now over, we turn our attention to Chicken putting and various chicken themed events that the Bounders of the Shire are hosting. :) ((While real life involves finalizing syllabuses and formatting learning tools.)) Should be fun! :)

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