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If you know anything about me, you know I get bored easily... though that probably won't spring to mind first. What may spring to mind is the fact I have many alts. Each has their own personality, so each is different.

Swest from Dwarrowdelf who now resides on Landroval is the oldest, and first character I made on LOTRO. Swest spends her days in Forest Green, gathering hides and rep, and protecting others. Swesthryth was next, but once she donned her white apparel and took up residence in Rivendell, it has been hard to get her to move past level 40. Sworin was next and the first of the line of Dwarves. He prefers red, tinkering, and guarding. Doesn't mind an instance where he can shout, but doesn't like tramping all over the area. I believe Skestril was next, but it starts getting blurry by that point. Some were just to get away from kin life, some were just to try something new, and some were for a purpose - mainly crafting or leveling. The one thing that surprised me - they all have different personalities. Even ones with the same name and color scheme. :) I love them all.

I hope to use this site to post a few pics and tell a few stories about my adventures. Not sure how that will work on a free account, but will work on it. :) Until I'm bored... or make another alt... It's a good thing I only have 18 character slots per server. lol. :)

One name - many places - many other names.
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The Copperworth from Crickhollow
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Three from Crickhollow
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Swesthryth Glass Blowing
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Sworin after HD
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Western from Gladden
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